For 5 of 7 years that I have worked at UW-Stout, I worked as a Technology-Based Curriculum Designer through a Title III Grant. The projects focus was to develop instructional training and other support materials for the University. I began teaching as an adjunct in the Art and Design Department shortly after arriving and split my time between the two jobs until the grant ended in October of 2009. I am currently teaching Game Design and Development having also taught Multimedia, Web Design, Photography, and Tech Communication.

A large part of my Title III duties included research of e-Portfolio applications as applied to student-centered learning. I’ve created sustainable intake materials and documents for efolio training and development, as well as trained faculty and students and supervised student-peer trainers for our e-portfolio initiative.

Additional duties involved planning, developing, and presenting the professional development Summer Assessment Institutes. I have developed a variety of support Web sites, such as; the Title III Grant Web site, developed “e-Links!” –a New Student Orientation Laptop application, and updated the Continuous Improvement Web site. I have prototyped the New Transfer Student Web site, the Advisement Center Web site, the Online Study Skills site, and a calendar bot to be built into the Operating System designed to inform students of upcoming academic deadlines for laptops.

As an Adjunct I have developed course materials in Desire 2 Learn designed to effectively utilize the laptop environment at UW-Stout, by providing links, podcasts, discussions, quizzes, and readings as well as the usual class notes and demo sheets.

Download my >> curriculum vita


course development

D2L Sample Structure (2007)
This is a screen of a course outline from Computer Imagery 220, held in the spring, and supplemented with course material in D2L. >>Outline

Course Management (1997-2000)
Many, many courses were developed using LearningSpace, an early course management system. In addition to UW-System and Colleges courses, other clients included Kemper Insurance, Famous Footwear, and CUNA –Credit Union National Association. >>LearningSpace

Faculty Orientation (1997-2000)
This presentation was part of new faculty orientation, for those faculty creating online courses for the first time. >> Download the PowerPoint
Activity Screen Examples for faculty: 1 | 2
| 3 | 4  Faculty Assignment

Course Design (1996)
Instructional Design Example This course archive was developed long ago and was one of the first online courses of the time. View the archive:
>>Movement Explorations Dance

proposed technology adoption

Bring Your Own Device (2010)
ThisPowerPoint (with audio) represents a pitch for adoption of cell phone for use in higher ed. It was created for a graduate course. The aim of this PowerPoint was to inform and suggest the application of cell phones for learning.. >>iPhones / Cell Phones for m-Learning




"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."

   -Alvin Toffler


site design

Dreamweaver Templates (2004)
Site created for a presentation at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC). >>Presentation site

Commercial sites (2002-03) was created for the author to present his books. The covers and copy were written and created by Jean, and the site and design developed by her. >>

Commercial sites (2002-03) is an old archived personal site. It highlights work produced by Jean as a grad student and was designed and developed by her. After being archived, no further updates to the site are planned.

e-Portfolio design

Example (2008)
This is an example of the relationship to program goals to learning e-Portfolio.
Goals Relationship example>>

Example (2007)
This is a screen shot from the Word-based e-Portfolio for the Golf Enterprise Management Program.
GEM e-Portfolio screen shot>>

Example (2007)
This is a screen shot from the Word-based e-Portfolio for the BS in Psychology Program.
BSAP e-Portfolio screen shot>>

e-Portfolio prototype (2005)
This presentation is a mock up for a possible electronic portfolio portal. This material is property of J.M. Haefner and may not be duplicated without express permission by the author. Download the e-Portfolio.ppt >>


Research & Explorations

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