My work art varies from computer-mediated art to artists books, watercolor, collage, and photography. Beyond my interface design, my primary starting point, and source material comes mostly from my own photography. Through combining imagery and materials, I layer meanings and concepts which are often framed within a feminist context. The work is sometimes considered reactionary based on political, social, or environmental issues.

With degrees in Graphic Design and Photography, and a MFA in Interactive Forms; I have taught in these areas, and worked professionally as a Web Designer and Online Course Developer.

My research areas of interest include: digital photography-based art, Web 2 interaction and emerging design principles, interfacing with the metaverse via Second Life, video conferencing, learning portfolios, and Game Design and Development. Download my >> vita



Title III (2009)
Again, looking at one click; this Flash mini site shows the work done for title II. It's nothing particularly exciting, mostly consiting of Dreamweaver templates. The vast majority of work in is the information design.
>> Title III

Student Work (2007)
One click deep, this Flash mini site contains student work from 2006 & 2007.
>> student work

JJHaefner (2003)
Continuing the notion of ubiquitous menus, this site's menu is predominately one click deep. >>

ephemerati (2002)
This site is began with the idea of a ubiquitous menu. Generally nothing is more that two clicks deep. Old and some new works are archived here.


Poerty Xylophone (2006)
This site is is an exploration of Flash; used to create poetry.
>> poerty xylophone

My Forest (2007)
This site is is an exploration of Flash. I consider it an exploratory interface and perhaps environmental. The user must eplore to find clickable areas which produce sounds. >> my forest


Superior Earie (2007)
This image was maniputlated using PhotoShop. >>view

Superior Tree (2007)
This image was maniputlated using Illustrator. >>view

Possible/Impossible (2003)
This image was created using PhotoShop. >>view





"I work in whatever medium likes me at the moment."

Marc Chagall


paper works -watercolor

From Mother / To Mother (2002)
Artist's Book dealing federal super waste sites on hand-made paper. 1 | 2
| 3

Citadel (2007)
Watercolor. >>view

Self-Portrait (2006)
Watercolor & digital print. >>view

Walnut Canyon (2003)
Watercolor. >>view

Copy from print (2002)
Watercolor. >>view

photography -color studies

Orange >>view

Orange Gray >>view

Blue Orange >>view

Blue >>view

Blue Pink >>view

Powder Blue >>view

Blue Purple >>view

Cobalt Blue >>view

Teal >>view

Green >>view

Fade To... >>view


Future links -Research & Explorations

Early Research l D-Manipulations | Photo_Gen l | Formal Explorations



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